In Dallas today,  “Human Resources Management” is almost totally influenced by state and federal laws, decisions and regulations dealing with employment issues.   Not too long ago, that was not true.  Today it is.

A human resources manager, personnel officer or supervisor who tries to manage people and implement policies without access to a competent and experienced Dallas employment attorney is at risk.  Common sense is valuable – but it doesn’t go far enough.  Taking a course once a year or so is valuable – but it is inadequate.  Self-help study is valuable – but resources and time do not permit a mature understanding.  Today, personnel management decisions are second-guessed in the courtroom according to rules which most human resources managers do not fully understand.

These are the practical realities of today’s business world.  A Dallas, Texas business owner, CEO or operations officer who stifles needed human resources support is destined for a trip to the courthouse – perhaps many trips.  It’s unfortunate; but it is reality.

No decision regarding recruitment, placement, development, compensation or termination should be made without competent, experienced and informed employment counsel advice.

We have been privileged to serve as an employment attorney in Dallas for many fine businesses over the past few decades. In addition to being experienced and highly qualified, David is certified as a SPHR [Senior Professional in Human Resources] by the Society in Human Resources Management [SHRM].   We understand your situation.  Our goal as an Dallas employment law firm is not only to help provide a wise framework for various compliance issues but also provide experienced risk management tools to avoid wasted expense.  Human resources issues are bottom line issues.  We understand that.

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