Dallas Employment Laws and Regulations

Dallas employment laws and regulations applying to the workplace are complicated. If you are trying to figure it out, you know it is not easy. It is confusing. You need an expert Dallas employment lawyer for assistance – an expert with experience. Here is a quick introduction.

One portion of workplace law deals with discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Let’s start with some simple definitions.

“Discrimination” is the wrongful and unfair treatment of a person or a group differently from another person or group. Discrimination in the workplace can include hiring, promotion, job assignment, termination, pay and benefits.

“Harassment” refers to a very wide range of behavior and activity which are intended to disturb, pester or cause trouble. In the workplace, harassment can come from a supervisor, a manager, and even a co-worker.

“Retaliation” means an act of revenge or doing something bad to someone who has supposedly caused hurt. In the workplace, retaliation can take many forms including processes in hiring, promotion, job assignment, termination, pay and benefits. Retaliation can come from a supervisor, a manager and even a co-worker. Typically, when a worker has reported on the company, or someone in the company, then that worker may face retaliation.

Many Texas and federal labor laws are designed to prevent workplace discrimination, harassment and retaliation which is based on race, sex, religion, national origin, disability and age. Some laws are now emerging which also seek to prevent workplace discrimination, harassment and retaliation based on sexual orientation.

Dallas workplace discrimination, harassment and retaliation laws come from many sources: state and federal statutes, state and federal constitutions, and regulations from many state and federal agencies. These laws are complicated and often change and change frequently. Reading up on them without an experienced expert to guide you will not help.

Finding out which laws apply to you is not easy and can be frustrating-even deceiving. Many Dallas employees and employers try it on their own – maybe even with someone who says they’re an expert – only to find out they’re mistaken. Google, Wikipedia and lawyers’ websites are nice sources, but you need something more.

Even more complicated is that, often, each particular law has its very own detailed time requirements – which means if you don’t do something quickly, nothing can be done to help you. Not knowing is never an excuse.

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